Your Quick Guide to Sectional Couches in Calgary

Every living room needs a great couch, but traditional couches have their problems. They’re big and bulky, making them difficult to move, and large enough that they’ll take up a lot of space. In some cases, having a big couch is a good way to partition an open-floor room, but that’s not always the situation. Sometimes, you want more flexibility, or to be able to rearrange your room depending on usage.

That’s when sectional couches become the perfect choice for a Calgary home. A sectional is a couch that’s broken up into multiple pieces, allowing you far more control over where the couch is placed, and how it’s used. Sectionals can also be used to create huge couches with unique configurations, by combining different sections.

However, there are a few different types of Calgary sectional couches to choose from, so let’s talk about your options.

The Basic Types of Sectional Couches in Calgary

  1. Conventional Sectionals

The basic sectional couch is typically three pieces – a longer armless centerpiece flanked by two smaller pieces with arms – that recreate a standard couch. These sectionals allow for a large number of people, but could also be broken up and moved around as needed. Those side pieces could also work as standalone loveseats, for example.

  1. Reversible Sectionals

The key trait of reversible sectionals is that each individual piece can be reconfigured, to a certain extent. Seats and cushions can be swapped around to reverse the orientation of a section, so that – for example – a left-arm endpiece can become a right-arm section instead.

These are great in larger multipurpose rooms since it’s usually quite easy to reconfigure for different uses. You may not even need to move the pieces themselves, just the arrangement of cushions and parts.

  1. Flexible Sectionals

Flexible sectionals are the transformers of the sectional space. While all sectionals can be reconfigured somewhat, flexible designs are deliberately designed for creative layouts where almost any piece of the sectional can be attached to any other piece. This allows for wild configurations, extra-long- or wide couches, or any other arrangement you want. Some people even deliberately mix and match colors within their flexible sectionals for extra flair.

  1. Sleeper Sectionals

It’s possible to get sleeper beds within sectionals as well, although this is typically only a feature in the biggest pieces. As with all sleepers, the gimmick is that a bed can be pulled out when needed. If you don’t want a full sleeper, another option would be a long L-shaped piece at the end of your sectional that can double as a sleeping space.

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