Your Living Room Furniture Guide

When it comes to buying new furniture, you’ll need to also consider how it will be used in your household, which is why the Calgary Ashley Furniture team from Furniture Extreme has some tips for you here. We’ve helped many homeowners design their dream living room with the perfect furniture pieces, so continue reading for some tips!

Ask Yourself How You’ll Use Your Living Room

Before making any living room furniture choices, you should determine how your living room will be used. Is it more of a functional space for your family, or a place to be used seldom such as a sitting room? You can use your living room for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Family Time: Spending time with the family in your living room can be a great experience. However, if using it for family time, you’ll also want to be sure you have furniture that can comfortably accommodate everyone. One tip is that a quality sofa can provide a great way to separate space. This can be especially useful for those with children who also have part of their living room designated as a playroom.
  • Hosting & Entertaining: Many will use their living room to entertain guests. Whether you want to have ample space for cocktail and movie nights, or the occasional dinner party, planning accordingly is important. You’ll need to maintain a somewhat more formal setting and ensure there’s plenty of seating space, as well as coffee tables and other flat surfaces for food and drink.
  • Keep it Functional: As we mentioned above, you’ll need to keep functionality in the forefront of your mind when it comes to the right furniture, as well as its placement. For example, if you use your living room for watching television, investing in a durable entertainment center is a must. You can also increase your storage space to make it seem less cluttered by getting a storage ottoman or accent cabinet.

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