What Are the Most Popular Design Trends for Calgary Furniture?

People shopping furniture stores in Calgary for excellent Ashley Furniture know they need to be on-trend!  That means we at Furniture Extreme have to stay caught up as well.  Fortunately, it’s easy for us to see what people are searching for, both in our own catalog, as well as on design idea sites like Pinterest and Etsy.

What are some of the most important trends and topics in interior design right now?  Let’s dig in!

Four Hot Trends at Calgary Furniture Stores

  1. Sustainability

Eco-awareness is finally catching on with the general public, and that’s a good thing for everyone.  One of the best ways to encourage sustainability in your interior decoration is to look for pieces that will last for as long as possible.  Sustainably farmed solid wood, such as Azra bedroom and dining room furniture, can last for decades or even become heirloom items that stay in the family.  Keep away from plastic or particle-board style pieces that will break in a few years.

  1. Coziness 

People today want their homes to be cozy, and who can blame them with everything going on in the world today?  There are a couple possible approaches here.  One would be to make everything as comfy as possible, like Abbotsford recliners and other extra-padded furniture.  Or look for pieces that are warm and a little bit rustic like Geneva bedroom sets that recall a simpler, handcrafted time.

  1. “Invisible” entertainment setups

Thanks to wireless technology and clever use of accent pieces, it’s possible to hide all but the most important pieces of your entertainment setup.  Your entertainment system should look like a natural part of your living room furniture, not like it’s an electronic invader.  Never have any visible wires and try to “camouflage” elements like your speakers so that they don’t stick out on their own.  Put decorative objects around them so they blend in.

  1. Make the most of your outdoor space

With people spending so long stuck indoors due to various virus outbreaks, it’s no wonder they’re looking for ways to enjoy their own outdoor spaces.  Whether you only have a balcony or a full backyard, make the most of it with durable outdoor furniture that’s perfect for relaxing.

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