Tips for Choosing Kitchen & Dining Room Furniture for a Modern Home

Your kitchen and dining room are some of the most used spaces in the household, so shouldn’t you feel comfortable and at home in them? If it’s been ages since you’ve updated your kitchen/dining room or you simply want a new look, Furniture Extreme, one of the leading furniture stores in Calgary, has some tips for you.

Here you’ll find everything you need to get inspired and modernize your kitchen and dining room, so read on!


The table in your dining room is a key focal point and its size can determine the look and feel of your kitchen. If you’re looking for the perfect dining room table, it’s important to consider your size and style options. For example, round tables are often ideal for smaller gatherings as well as square tables. For those who often have larger gatherings or need to work with smaller spaces, rectangular tables often make a good fit.


Chairs are an integral part of any Calgary dining room set, adding flair and style to your kitchen. When choosing chairs, more geometric styles with contemporary designs can be perfect for modern households. The chairs you choose will add a sense of symmetry and balance to your kitchen and there are a variety of other designs to choose from as well, ranging from more antique and traditional designs to vintage chair sets.

Bar Stools

Bar stools can be a unique addition to any kitchen and dining room, especially those with islands or eating areas other than the traditional dining room table setup. One of the best parts about bar stools is they can be easily tucked away and out of sight, saving space, and ensuring your kitchen/dining room doesn’t have a cluttered look or feel.

Area Rugs

Another great way to add a sense of flair to the Calgary dining room table set you choose is to include an area rug, which can be both functional as well as stylish. Adding a rug beneath your table can make cleaning up after meals much easier, as all you’ll need to do is quickly run the vacuum to pick up those bits and pieces that might have fallen onto the floor during dinner.

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