Three Ways to Incorporate Curved Couches Into Your Home

Interior designers are constantly looking for new, creative ways to elevate the home. Curved couches are some of the most popular furniture options emerging in Calgary from top brands like Ashley Furniture. The problem is many homeowners are not sure how to style these beautiful pieces.

At Furniture Extreme, we seek to help the everyday homeowner benefit from the newest trends in interior design with practical tips. Continue reading to learn three ways that we recommend adding a curved couch to your living room, spacious bedroom, or any other seating area.

Tips for Integrating a Curved Couch Into Your Interior Design

1.    Pair curved couches with circular tables

If you currently own a square or rectangular coffee table, you may want to consider swapping it out for a new, round table that will coordinate with the rounded backs of your curved couches. Ideally, two curved couches positioned on opposite sides of a round table will create the perfect, circular accent space inside a large living area. If you only have room for one curved couch, consider adding some extra side tables to accentuate the rounded aesthetic. Something like our Majaci Accent Table will work perfectly.

2.    Opt for a light color

One of the appeals of curved couches for most homeowners is the touch of elegance and femininity that they bring to any space. This, however, can become lost if you do not select a soft color that upholds the couch’s delicate appearance. Soft, pastel hues are usually the best option for curved couches, as they show off the design of the piece, rather than overwhelming your home with bright colors and alternative lines. For a bolder look, consider adding various colors and textures to the surrounding tables or light fixtures.

3.    Add pillows and throws

Curved couches from brands like Ashley Furniture in Calgary act as a beautiful, blank canvas to which you can add a variety of unique pillows and throw blankets. This helps elevate the feminine attributes of these pieces and creates a cozy, inviting living area. For a luxurious feel, add a faux fur pillow set like our Amoret option. This can be paired with a matching blanket like our Calisa throw.

Are you thinking about incorporating a curved sofa into your Calgary home? These modern pieces can be integrated into almost any interior design. Explore our exciting range of couches and living room accessories for some inspiration or contact our team of professionals for more expert tips.