Three Creative Ways to Utilize Your Spare Room

A spare bedroom or finished basement is an excellent selling point for most property owners. However, once you get settled into your new home, it can be difficult to figure out what to do with all the extra space. A common response to this problem is to create an additional living area or set the spare room up as an extra bedroom for when guests stay overnight.

At Furniture Extreme, we offer a range of unique furniture options that will inspire you to create a spare room that will become a key design feature in your home.

Continue reading to learn how you can reimagine your spare room in an innovative way and how you can use Ashley Furniture in your Calgary home.

Top Spare Room Decorating Tips

  • Create a home theatre

Gone are the days where home theatres were reserved for the elite. With plenty of affordable media centres and comfortable lounge chairs on sale from brands like Ashley Furniture, you can use your extra space to build a VIP movie theatre in your own home. Pair a row of Maier Recliners with our stunning Bellaby 4-Piece Entertainment Center to achieve the perfect look.

  • Benefit from an organized storage area

Many of us are guilty of letting excess things that we no longer need pile up in the basement, spare closet, or crawl space. Homeowners often leave their storage items untouched for years without throwing them away. By maintaining an organized storage room with enough shelving units, drawers, and cabinets to fit all of your important household items, you will be able to streamline your belongings. Converting a spare room into a highly organized storage space with our selection of Ashley Furniture in Calgary is the perfect way to get organized.

  • Treat yourself to a “get ready” room

Even those who have a walk-in closet in their bedroom often find themselves struggling to find enough space to get ready before leaving the house. Whether you make a mess in the bathroom every time you do your makeup or you do not have enough room to display all of your shoes, a “get ready” room is a luxurious way to address these problems. Homeowners can display their favourite wardrobe items on fashionable tables like our Vernway Accent piece, get ready in front of our opulent Jacee Floor Mirror, and more.

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