The Latest Trends in Home Office Decor

Working from home is the new normal for many of us. It is no surprise then, that homeowners are investing more than ever in their home office spaces. The key is to create an atmosphere that reflects your style while keeping you on task. The recent interest in home office decor has resulted in a few design trends that many professionals are implementing into their homes.

If you are looking for a way to elevate your home office in Calgary, our office furniture at Furniture Extreme is sure to help you do this. Below we have listed a few of the top home office design trends that furniture stores in Calgary are seeing from customers.

Top Home Office Decor Trends in Calgary

  • Statement chairs

When you think of a typical office chair, you probably envision a plain black or white model on four wheels. Although these classic chairs may offer utility, they do not offer much in the way of style. In the past year, we have seen many professionals in Calgary incorporate unique living room furniture like our Lizmont Accent Chair instead of a conventional office piece.

  • Plenty of storage

The more often you work from home, the more likely you are to accumulate stacks of important files and paperwork on your desk. If you have young children running around or you simply struggle to keep everything in order, it is important to invest in a comprehensive storage unit like our Luxenford 2-Piece Home Office Credenza. Homeowners all over Calgary are choosing between open storage displays, hidden cabinets, and more.

  • Simple desks

In the past, a large wooden desk was the centerpiece of any well-decorated office. Now, many homeowners are opting for a more modern, streamlined look that saves space, and creates a sleek, professional atmosphere. Options like the Lynxtyn Home Office L-Desk are a great example of this emerging trend.

  • Adjustable lighting

Depending on the position of your home office, and whether or not it receives much natural light, you may find it difficult to focus when the sun is not shining. This is exactly why so many professionals are incorporating multiple lighting options. This way, they can adjust the artificial light in their office according to the amount of natural light coming in each day.

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