The Key Differences Between a Bed in a Box & a Traditional Mattress

If you want to upgrade your sleeping arrangements and have been shopping at furniture stores in Calgary for new mattresses, you may have come across what’s referred to as a “bed in a box.” Here the Calgary Ashley Furniture experts from Furniture Extreme discuss what a bed in a box is and how they compare to traditional mattresses.

What Exactly is a Bed in a Box?

First, it’s important to understand precisely what a bed in a box is before choosing between this option or a traditional mattress. As the name says, a bed in a box is literally a mattress shipped directly to your door in a compact box. Although traditional innerspring mattresses are very popular, beds in a box have become preferred by many due to how easy it is to set them up and return them if necessary.

Benefits of a Bed in a Box

One of the primary benefits of investing in a bed in a box is that you can order a new bed online with the click of a button, rather than going from different furniture stores in Calgary until you find the right innerspring mattress for you.

Beds in a box are also delivered right to your door, meaning that you don’t have to lug that new mattress up the stairs to your apartment. Additionally, they’re often more economical without sacrificing quality. In fact, today’s leading bed in a box mattresses can be made from high-quality materials like memory foam and latex, which are both extremely comfortable.

Lastly, but certainly not least, one of the most convenient aspects of ordering a bed in a box is that most manufacturers and furniture stores in Calgary will offer a trial period. This means if it doesn’t meet your requirements it can be easily rolled up and sent back in the same box, free of charge.

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