The Five Must-Haves for Your Guest Bedroom from Calgary Furniture Stores Near me

When choosing guest bedroom furniture from local Calgary furniture stores, it helps to know what you’re looking for and how the furniture can improve the space. Our team at Furniture Extreme can help guide your furniture shopping process and in this latest post, we’re highlighting the five must-haves for your guest bedroom from near me Calgary furniture stores.

Good lighting

Lighting is a critical consideration for the guest bedroom space. If the space doesn’t have great light coming from the windows, you might consider adding bedside lamps and table lamps to the area. This can help ensure the ideal spot for reading and present a more comfortable environment for your visitors.

Chest of drawers

Your guests should have storage space when they come to visit. Make sure you find the ideal chest of drawers. The drawers should match your guest bedroom furniture and be designed for ease of use for all guests.

Comfortable beds

The guest bedroom space would be limited if you didn’t have comfortable beds. Make sure the beds added to the room are designed for optimal comfort over the long-term. You can take on the process of choosing a bed by selecting from furniture experts such as Furniture Extreme and considering the full range of styles available. Ensure you choose the size of bed that best fits the space. While a king bed might be ideal in terms of comfort, it will quickly lose value if it decreases walking space around the bedroom.

Add a comfortable chair

In addition to your bed, you’ll want to add a comfortable chair to the guest bedroom space to help provide guests another option for relaxation during their stay. Ensure the chair is placed close to lighting areas for ideal use of space.