Should You Choose Solid Wood or Wood Veneer Furniture?

Are you on the fence about if you should buy solid wood or wood veneer furniture? Before heading out to furniture stores in Calgary, here is a quick guide about some of the differences between the two options and which is right for your home.

Solid Wood Furniture

When shopping at furniture stores in Calgary, if you see solid wood pieces, you can rest assured that they will more often than not last an exceptionally long time. Durability is often the single biggest reason why people invest in solid wood furniture for their home. Another big benefit of solid wood furniture is that it is relatively easy to maintain, and more importantly, easy to repair. Scratches and dents can often add character to solid wood pieces, and if you want to get rid of them, sanding them out is an easy option.

Wood Veneer Furniture

Aside from solid wood, wood veneer furniture is your next best option. Wood veneer contains a very slim layer of hardwood which is attached or glued onto another wood or sometimes a particleboard. Normally the underlayers are consist of cheaper wood, but veneer offers the potential for amazing and different wood patterns that is not possible with solid wood. Also, since it is far less susceptible to climate fluctuations and drying out.

A downside to wood veneer is that due to its thin surface layer, it can be more easily damaged and much harder to repair when compared to hardwood. Such repairs like sanding are not possible when you are dealing with a wood veneer.

There Is No Substitute for Quality Furniture

When it comes to furniture, the most important thing to remember is that as long as you are buying quality pieces from a furniture stores in Calgary like furniture Extreme that is all that matters. Nothing can take the place of quality furniture made to last like Ashely Home Furniture and other brands. Often the furniture you choose may come down to your personal preference and what will match your home the best. As mentioned earlier, if you like wood patterns then veneer may be for you. Conversely, those looking for to buy a table that may last generations, then solid wood may be the best choice.

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