Popular Sofa Types for Calgary Homes

Adding a sofa to any room can provide a whole new feel, not to mention additional seating and color. But if you haven’t shopped for sofas before, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the variety of styles to choose from. That’s why Furniture Extreme has collected some of the most popular Calgary sofa styles here.

As one of the leading Ashley Furniture stores in Calgary, here are some of our best-sellers.

1. Loveseats

Designed to sit only two people, loveseats are a great sofa for smaller rooms. They’re often included in living room sets that come with traditional sofas as well because they’re so compact. You can also easily add them to master bedrooms or entryways because they’re so compact.

2. Chase Sofa or Sectional

This type of living room seating looks like a traditional sofa but has a chaise cushion forming the shape of an “L” at one end or another. Chaise sofas and sectionals provide a great place to lean back and relax when you want to and put your legs up.

3. Traditional Sofas

One of the most popular sofas, the traditional sofa is a versatile piece of furniture that can be installed in nearly any room of the home. You can put it in the basement, living room, family room, or anywhere in the house. Plus, there are a wide variety of colors and classic designs to choose from.

4.   Sofa Beds

Do you want a comfortable couch that doubles into a sleeping space when having guests over? Sofa beds are perfect for those without a guest room that want to have a space in case friends want to sleep overnight.

5. Corner Chaise

Corner chaise pieces offer a great variety for your living room set, as they can easily be included with a chair, ottoman, or loveseat. They’re designed basically like glorified chairs with a footrest. They make a great place to read, study, or kick up your feet and nap for a while.

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