Make You Calgary Home Bigger Using These Furniture & Design Tips

Just because you may have a smaller room or space, doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped and tiny. At our Furniture Extreme store in Calgary, we know that adding the right furniture and some design elements can truly transform a space and make it feel more spacious and welcoming.

To make your living room and home look bigger and feel more inviting to guests, follow these three simple furniture and home design tips.

  • Get Rid of Clutter

Nothing can cramp a room or space like one that has a lot of clutter hanging and laying around. A great way to tidy up and open up your living room is by hiding that clutter using the right furniture storage piece. For a clean looking accent piece, Kerrings accent cabinet offers three interior storage compartments – so you have plenty of room to throw and hide whatever you need to.

For a more classic look, Dellenbury’s accent cabinet is a great addition to any living room. With lattice pattern glass doors and adjustable shelving space, you can stage your books and other belongings in a clean and organized manner.

  • Utilize Light Colours

By using lighter paint, furniture, and upholstery colours, you can actually make a room feel and look bigger than it is. You can go with such timeless options like off-white or pick trendier options like light blues and greens. From a design standpoint, by painting an accent wall a different and distinct color, you can emphasize the lighter colours and space.

Adding a light beige sofa like our Abinger queen sofa sleeper will not only help open up your space, it also pulls out into a bed for overnight guests. Sofa beds are a great option for maximizing space, while also offering a comfy seating area.

  • Mirrors

While we all look at one every morning in our washroom when we get ready for work, mirrors are often underutilized in other areas of our homes. Placing mirrors close to and beside windows can open up a space and often gives the illusion of having a second window that can bring in more light. To accent modern furniture in your Calgary home, the Braylon accent mirror is a great choice. It features a mosaic splatter of cut-glass tiles that surround a main mirror.

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