Is Solid Wood or Wood Veneer Better for The Furniture in Your Home?

You’ll have plenty of options when you visit furniture stores in Calgary, looking for sofas, beds, chairs, and other items to make your home look beautiful. One of the biggest choices to make is what materials the furniture is made from, such as whether you choose pieces made of solid wood, or those using wood veneers.

Let’s look at some of the most important factors when deciding which is right for your home.

Solid Wood or Wood Veneer? Here’s What You Should Know!

  1. Solid Wood

Solid wood is, of course, a classic look. It’s solid, rugged, and durable. A piece of well-crafted solid wood furniture can potentially last for decades, and it’s relatively easy to repair if it ever suffers minor damage. You can rarely go wrong with choosing solid wood.

Plus, solid wood furniture will generally hold its value better than veneer and will certainly make for a better heirloom if you’re thinking long-term.

In terms of downsides, cost and weight are usually the biggest. Most solid wood furniture is more expensive than veneers and will definitely weigh more. In some cases, there may also be environmental concerns. Mahogany, for example, has become tightly regulated due to deforestation. You’ll want to look for pieces made from sustainable wood.

  1. Wood Veneers

Wood veneers can be a bit tricky, and quality will vary wildly depending on craftsmanship. When a piece is properly made, veneers are virtually indistinguishable from solid wood, while being lighter and more environmentally-friendly. Wood veneer pieces are often more difficult to damage as well, due to how they are constructed. Likewise, they can be less susceptible to warping and other issues that can be caused by excess moisture.

Most problems with wood veneer furniture are the result of poor craftsmanship or construction. Poorly-made veneers can be susceptible to chipping or peeling. This used to be much more common in the mid-20th Century, which is why wood veneers still have a poor reputation to this day. However, wood veneer furniture from a reputable brand should not have these issues.