How to Up Work Productivity with the Right Furniture & Tweaks

Work productivity is something that all employers and workers want to maximize, but what they don’t realize is that with a few simple furniture changes and some other slight adjustments, they can improve work output and overall employee happiness. So, our Calgary furniture store team have prepared a few tips on how to get the most out of a workday.

  • Comfortable Work Chairs

Most office workers spend most, if not, all of their day glued to their chairs. So, the importance of providing them with comfortable work chairs is essential. At our furniture store in Calgary, we have a variety of office chairs that will keep work production up and employees comfortable and happy. A great sleek option that tucks under any desk is our Office Chair Program Home Office Desk Chair which offers faux leather and adjustable heights.

  • A Designated Work Area

Every worker should have their own specific work desk and area, as this not only provides them with a sense of security, they know that they always have their own area when they come into work. Many office workers like to add bobbleheads, family photos, and make their desk unique to them, which will put them at ease to start the workday. Even if you are working out of your home, having a specific desk and area will cut down on distractions, and increase your ability to focus on work.

For those who need a lot of desk and storage, our Starmore 2-Piece Home Office Desk is the perfect addition to any office or home workspace.  With its L-shaped designed and metal frame, you will be able to fit all you need, including your computer monitor, books, laptop, and anything else.

  • A Break Room/Area

All workers will need to refocus or just relax in the middle of a stressful workday. Having a designated break room with some sofas has been proven to increase productivity and overall worker satisfaction. A great sofa to stretch out on is our Altonbury Sofa Or, if you are looking to add a recliner to your break room mix, something like the Argyle Recliner can be all you need to re-energize you for the rest of your workday.

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