How To Make Your Home Look Bigger with The Right Furniture & Layout

How To Make Your Home Look Bigger with The Right Furniture & Layout

Having the wrong furniture layout, colours, or design, can really make a home or room feel cramped and smaller than it actually is. And while our furniture store in Calgary has everything you need, including the latest Ashley Furniture for sale, we thought we’d help with some design, storage, and furniture tips.

Follow these easy suggestions to truly maximize your home’s space.

Hide or Get Rid of the Mess

While it’s often easier said than done, ridding your home and rooms of unnecessary clutter can be one of the best ways to create more space and make a home look and feel cleaner. Now, if some of that clutter are things you still use, choosing an accent piece that can second as storage is a great option. Something like a storage trunk not only will act as a focal point for a room, but it can also double as a coffee table and has plenty of storage space for whatever you plan to hide.

Ottomans are another great option for extra storage, and something like the Cambri Ottoman, which is available at our Calgary furniture store, not only has extra storage space, but its top can flip to act as a table that includes cup holders on each corner.

Choose Soft & Light Colors

The color of a room or space can have a big impact on how big it feels and looks. Choosing bright and light-colored paint and living room furniture can make a space look bigger since light will reflect off it. For colors, white is always a classic choice, while light shades of blue, green, and grey are very popular these days.

You can try painting your trim and molding lighter than your walls since this will help to make your room look more spacious. Also, painting a single accent wall can create depth and make rooms appear more spacious – this is also a way to add a little flare to a single-coloured room.

Arranging Your Furniture… The Right Way

How you arrange your furniture can go a long way in creating more space in your home. For example, try shifting sofas or larger pieces of furniture closer to walls so they don’t take up lots of real estate near the center of a room. Placing your main furniture pieces around a focal piece like a coffee table will force more space around it and help clear up floor space.

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