How To Make The Most Of Your Living Room

Do you find yourself looking at living room furniture in Calgary, but you’re worried whether that piece you love will fit in your existing space?  It might be time to rearrange your living room!  A lot of living rooms have a lot of wasted space that could be reclaimed with a few changes, while still leaving you plenty of room to have fun.

Whether you’re looking for couches in Calgary, end tables, coffee tables, lamps, or whatever else, you can find the space with a little reorganization!

Three Tips for Making the Most of Your Living Room Furniture in Calgary

1 – Pick smaller pieces, if possible

Furniture in a particular style comes in a variety of sizes which are nearly identical otherwise.  So, think about your needs before purchasing.  That giant Calgary couch might look nice, but are you ever going to have 3+ people all trying to sit next to each other?  A loveseat might be a better choice since it takes up less space, but still has the look of a couch.

This is particularly true of larger pieces such as shelves and cabinets.  Are you actually going to make use of all that storage space?  If not, scale things down a bit.  That’ll leave you more room to work with, plus you won’t have to work so hard to fill them with stuff to justify their existence.

2 – Use more floating furniture

One of the more common mistakes we see in living room layouts is thinking that every piece of furniture has to be shoved up against a wall, aside from maybe a coffee table.  This can leave huge empty spaces in the middle of the room which isn’t actually doing anything.

For example, try moving your couch around 1/3 of the way across the room.  That carves out a large space behind it which could be used for shelves or something similar.  If your room is big enough, you might even be able to create a smaller sitting space behind it.

3 – Move pieces around as needed

Don’t entertain much, but still want a spare loveseat or ottoman?  Keep it out of the way until it’s needed, then pull it out when you have guests.  Your living room can be reconfigured as you need; don’t feel like you have to stick with a single layout at all times.

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