Guide to Buying the Right Dresser in Calgary

From personal pep talks and morning affirmations to the final outfit check you do before heading out, you share a lot of small yet special moments with your dresser. So much so that with time, this seemingly simple piece of furniture becomes an important part of your daily routine. Thus, when it comes to buying a new dresser, it makes sense to give yourself a treat and get the best one.

That’s why here, Furniture Extreme has provided some quick and easy tips to help you find the right dresser for your Calgary home!

Pay Attention to the Size

While you may be tempted to simply pick the biggest or widest mirror you can get for the sake of convenience, it may not be the best idea. To make the most out of the look of your dresser, you have to ensure that the ratio of the dresser with the wall and its mirror offers a good balance. You can always get an independent mirror and attach it directly to the wall if your dresser doesn’t support a mirror as big or wide as you like.

Use Mirror Shape to Your Advantage

When in the store, you may come across a dresser that you swear is the most beautiful one ever. However, when you bring it home, it doesn’t look as satisfactory. How come? It is because even though the dresser, in itself, is beautiful, it is not complementing the overall aesthetic of your room!

One has to be mindful of the general aesthetic of their house or room while choosing furniture. Ideally, you have to look for a piece that stands out without sticking out. A quick hack to ensure that your dresser fits well in your room is to pick a mirror shape that harmonizes with your interior.  For example, if your room furniture or dresser has sharp edges, it is best to go with a square or rectangle mirror, etc.

Use Bulbs to Amp Up the Look

Treat yourself, and indulge in a little vanity! Adding light fixtures and bulbs to your dresser will not only add to its overall aesthetic but also make dressing up easier for you by providing extra lighting. If you are someone who likes to flaunt their beautiful interior online or offline, a well-lit dresser will make an amazing background.

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