Four Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger

Finding the right bedroom furniture for your Calgary home can be difficult, especially if you have a smaller room. To help you get the most out of a smaller space, our Calgary furniture store team has prepared these tips to make the most out of a smaller space.

  • Bed Storage

While we all know that clutter will hamper any room, for smaller bedrooms, storage space can be tough to come by. That’s why we recommend finding a bed that offers built-in storage. The Bixton Queen Panel Bed with six storage drawers is a perfect bed that offers enough room for a comfy sleep but also packs sufficient storage for clothes and other extras like shoes, laptops, etc.

  • Use Light Colours

When trying to decide on a colour for your bedroom, we recommended trying and choose lighter colours. The reason being is that brighter colours can make a room seem larger than it is t actually is, as well as making it seem brighter – which is even better for rooms with minimal windows. White is always a good choice to paint a room since it can match almost any furniture and accessory colour you may have.

  • Add A Nice Mirror

Adding a mirror can do wonders in making a smaller room feel more spacious. Not only that, but mirrors can also help reflect light from windows, which will also add more natural lighting and brightness. Something like the Oengus Accent Mirror is a great choice since it is designed and shaped similar to a cathedral-style window and can really give off the impression and feel of having another window in your bedroom.

Also, a mirror is the type of accessory that can really match any style of room, so be sure to free up some wall space to add one.

  • Colorful Furniture Accessories

Now, to add some style and your own personal touch, try to choose some colorful pillows and accessories for your bedroom. The Dustee Pillow set provides some great colours and can make any room pop. For dog lovers, the McKile pillow set offers great colours and a unique dog print to match. If you are already good for pillows, adding some colourful or unique wall décor is another option that doesn’t take up any space, but can add to the overall look of your bedroom.

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