FAQs for Shopping Dining Room Table Sets in Calgary

If you’re shopping for a new dining room table set in Calgary, it’s normal to have some questions. As one of the leading Calgary furniture stores, Furniture Extreme has answered some of the most frequent questions we’re asked by people shopping for dining room sets here.

What are the benefits of benches?

These days, many dining room table sets feature bench seating. Although it offers a more contemporary option, there are some benefits, like the potential to seat three people in place of two chairs. Additionally, benches can slide beneath the table after you’re done eating to save space.

What’s the difference between glass and wood tabletops?

When visiting Calgary furniture stores, you might realize many dining room table sets come equipped with either glass or wooden tabletops. What’s the difference? Well, glass tabletops offer a more contemporary flair and can be easier to clean whereas wood tabletops offer a more traditional feel.

Round or rectangular: what’s the difference?

Round tables make it easier to eat in dining rooms that are smaller or kitchens with less room. Rectangular tables are more fit for narrower rooms and allow for more table space, making eating in larger groups easier.

What if I don’t have a dedicated dining room?

If you use your kitchen or another space as your dining room, don’t despair, there are plenty of dining room furniture designs that can make a great fit. You can also invest in bar stools so you can eat comfortably at your kitchen countertop, bar, or your kitchen island.

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