Summer Slumber Strong

If getting a restful night’s sleep wasn’t hard enough already, the summer months of an early-rising and late-setting sun can make it more challenging. Deep, restful sleep is vital during these summer months filled with long days spent out in the sun. 

Check out our top summer sleep tips:

  • Limit Nighttime Sunlight Exposure. Sunshine can delay your body’s production of melatonin. Trick your body into thinking it’s time to sleep by drawing the curtains and creating a calm ambiance. 
  • Create a Comfortable Environment. Comfort plays a huge role in your quality of sleep. Try beating the summer heat by creating a cool environment ideal for sleep. Fluff and puff your pillows and bedding so you feel like you’re floating in plush comfort. 
  • Make Time to Relax. Summer can be a busy time for socializing. As part of your bedtime routine, begin to unwind about 2 hours before your ideal bedtime with a spot of herbal tea and a good book. 

Create Your Summer Sleep Space