Create Your Dream Home Office with the Right Furniture & Accessories

Build your ultimate home office and workspace by following this quick guide from our Furniture Extreme store team in Calgary. Find out how you can use the best furniture from our Calgary store and start working in a home office you never want to leave.

Four Things Your Home Office Needs to Have

  • The Right Desk

While your home office may contain various pieces of furniture, your desk will be the central piece and the foundation of your entire workspace. Be sure you measure your room (don’t forget about the swing of the door) so you can figure out just how much space you can/want to dedicate to your desk. If you are looking to save space, our Bertmond 47″ Home Office Desk is a great piece of modern looking furniture, combining both metal and wood. It offers a sleek design and also boasts some built-in shelving on the sides so you can store a printer, workbooks, and anything else you need.

If you have a bit more room to utilize, the Arlenbry Home Office Desk boasts multi-level L shaped desks, top shelving, a drawer, and added shelving at its base. With a weathered oak grain look accented by black metal, this desk can match almost any room design and theme.

Our Calgary furniture store team is always available if you need help selecting the right desk or discount furniture for your home office.

  • A Comfortable Chair

Along with your desk, you must have a comfortable chair you can sit in for hours – if needed. The Baldridge Home Office Desk Chair offers a high-back design, wheels, adjustable height, along with armrests for ultimate comfort and workability.

If you’re looking for modern furniture and chairs, our Starmore Home Office Desk Chair comes with a “weathered” faux leather upholstery look and is great for big or small rooms alike.

  • Good Lighting

Even if you are lucky enough to have big windows in your home office, extra lighting is key for reading and everyday work. A Haden Desk Lamp comes in a chrome finish with an elegant marble base and is great for a compact and understated look. For a larger and more flexible lighting option, the Kylen Desk Lamp’s pully system makes it easy to get lighting where you need it most and is great for medium to larger desks.

  • Extra Storage

If you need extra storage for your home office, we have a huge selection of storage options. Whether you need discreet storage, taller pieces, or even a bookshelf, we’ll have something you will love.

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