Christmas Is Coming! Great Decorations Can Make Your Calgary Furniture So Much More Festive

It’s time to deck the halls!  Furniture stores in Calgary are all about helping you celebrate the holidays with your family, friends, and any other special people in your life.  Beyond offering a wide range of Calgary couches, loveseats, ottomans, tables, and other furniture for hosting parties, we also want to help you ensure your holiday decorations look amazing!

Not sure where to start?  These are some of the ideas we’ve heard our own customers discussing as they browsed furniture and accessories.

Four Tips for Amazing Holiday Decorations and Hospitality

1 – Make a great first impression with a door wreath

If you want visitors to know your house is all about the holiday spirit, the best way is to advertise it from the start.  A beautifully decorated wreath on your door tells everyone entering that you want to make the holidays great.  There are numerous designs available, and plenty of messages you could put on the wreath as well.  No matter which holidays you celebrate, there are wonderful door decorations for everyone.

The traditional Christmas colors are red, green, and white, but don’t feel like you have to stick to convention.  Fall colors still work or get daring with your choices!

2 – Have plenty of snacks

The holidays are all about the fantastic food and snacks, and there are plenty of options you could have out and available at nearly all times. Gingerbread, for example, keeps for a long time without going stale.  It also pairs great with hot coffee, tea, or chocolate!

Bowls of candy are another good option, particularly sweet/sour candy.  It goes well with other holiday foods.  And don’t forget the peppermints!

3 – Dress up your furniture

A few decorations can go a long way towards dressing up your living room furniture.  Your coffee table is the obvious home for free-standing decorations, but don’t forget your Calgary couches, loveseats, and other seating options.  Some festive throws or pillows can transform them into holiday decorations, and they store away so easily the rest of the year.

4 – Don’t forget the music!

The holidays are about sights and tastes, but also about sounds.  Everyone has the classics that they love, so make sure you’ve got your music system loaded up with a wide variety.

Get Ready for Holiday Hosting with the Help of Our Calgary Furniture Store!

At Furniture Extreme, we’re proud to be one of the top furniture stores in Calgary!  If you need some extra seats or tables for your holiday celebrations, don’t wait.  Come on by or online shop our amazing selection today!