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Choosing The Right Kid’s Bedroom Furniture in Calgary

One milestone in a child’s development often goes overlooked: when they graduate from a crib and baby’s room to having their own bedroom, with their bedroom furniture. As a parent, this is your opportunity to put together an amazing kid’s bedroom that they’ll love, while still keeping them safe and secure at night.

Here are the most important considerations to think about, as you’re going over your options.

  1. Quality Matters Even More

Of course, you want all the furniture in your home to be of good quality – but this is particularly important for your child’s bedroom. After all, they’ll likely be spending a lot of unsupervised time in it, so you need to know their furniture is sturdy and safe. We recommend cross-referencing with sources like the Consumer Product Safety Commission or Consumer Reports to ensure the furniture is suitable for your child.

  1. Bed Sizing

A smaller child will be just fine on a twin-sized bed, but larger children will appreciate how much extra room they get from a king- or queen-sized mattress. Also, consider how long you expect to use this furniture. If you’re planning on keeping their bedroom layout roughly the same, at least until the child is a teen, plan and buy bigger furniture they can grow into.

  1. Storage Storage Storage

You really can’t have too much storage in a child’s bedroom, and a lot of kid-focused furniture tends to include storage tucked away – such as a bed with drawers underneath the mattress. Plenty of storage will make cleanup easier and ensure their room doesn’t get cluttered.

  1. Consider Their Interests

Finally, just as you want your bedroom to reflect your personality, the same will be true of your child. Look for furniture that matches their interests or will encourage their talents – like having a drawing desk for artistic children. You might even consider bringing your child along to look at bedroom furniture options, and let them have some input. It is going to be their bedroom, after all.

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