Box Springs And Bed Frames: All You Need To Know

Shopping for new bed frames in Calgary can be challenging depending on what your needs are. Some people require extra support for their backs, while others prefer beds that fit the style of their home. This page tells you everything you should consider about box springs and bed frames so that you can purchase the bed that is best suited for your needs.

Bed Frames

 A bed frame serves as a foundation for a mattress and gives it the necessary stability. Bed frames typically feature a slatted base that ensures airflow around the mattress, avoiding any long-term deformation.

Additionally, the legs or other features on the bed frame elevate the mattress from the floor, giving you ease of access to the bed. Bed frames can come in an array of designs to allow your space to have a unique look. Furniture Extreme has a large selection of trendy bed frames.

The Benefits

  • They are sturdy and won’t sag.
  • They come in different styles.
  • They provide a foundation for your mattress.

What to Consider

  • They don’t provide as much support compared to a box spring.
  • You might have to put more effort into maintaining it.

Box Springs

A box spring is a large, rectangular object that is put beneath a mattress, it’s usually made from either wood or metal and has a solid foundation. The main purpose of a box spring is to provide a stable and sturdy base for mattresses, which can extend their overall lifespan. Box springs can assist in reducing the amount of shock and impact, making them well-suited for use with heavier mattresses.

Box springs are available in various dimensions and most models can be adapted to fit with different bed frames. Having a box spring is not a requirement for all bed types, but it can be a useful addition for people who desire extra support.

The Benefits

  • Provides better support for your mattress.
  • They add height to your mattress.
  • They support the bed frame.
  • They provide circulation around your mattress and stop dirt and other accumulation from getting in.

What to Consider

  • They can be uncomfortable for people with certain back issues.
  • They are not always required for every bed.
  • If not placed correctly, they can be unpleasant to the eye.

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