A Furniture Check List for your Calgary Home Office

With work and life dramatically changing as of late, home office and remote working from home are on the rise. So, to help, here are some things to consider before heading out to our Calgary furniture store to pick up what discount furniture you need.

Will it fit in your home office?

Before buying any home office furniture, you have to ensure that you understand the measurements of your room/space, and the dimensions of the furniture you can accommodate. Grab a measuring tape and start calculating exactly how much you have to play with. In terms of aesthetics, try not to cram as much as you possibly can, rather, keep your home office clean, and choose sleek pieces that accent your space and make it look bigger.

Pro tip: When measuring and trying to figure out what furniture can fit where there are a few things people sometimes overlook. Always consider doors since they need space to open and shut. The last thing you want to do is have to squeeze through your door because your desk is too big. Also, take note of where your power outlets are since it can be easier to set up desks and printers close to them.

What should I buy?

As mentioned above, keeping a clean working space not only will maximize your area, it will help avoid the potential for clutter and messes. If you have a smaller room or want a single desk to provide all you need, a desk/shelf combo like our Soho Home Office Desk with Shelf is a great option for saving on space, while maximizing your storage capabilities. Another great option for a very minimalist look is the Arlenbry 47″ Home Office Desk. This is a perfect option that allows space for a laptop/computer, and other day-to-day work things.

When choosing your furniture, if you have a bigger space, then obviously you may be able to fit more around your workstation. The Dorrinson Home Office Desk offers a very contemporary look while offering an L shaped design for multiple workstations, along with shelving and a drawer for extra storage. If you still need storage space for books and more, our Gavelston Left Pier provides plenty of vertical storage space with three shelves for books, along with a bottom storage drawer.

Don’t underestimate a good chair!

While working at home can be great, be sure to pick a comfortable office chair for your home office. The Hamlyn Home Office Desk Chair offers amazing comfort while giving you a more classic feel. For a modern and sleek look, our Office Chair Program Home Office Desk Chair provides comfort and can be easily tucked away under your desk at the and of the day.

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