5 Tips for Mixing Wood Tones from Calgary’s Leading Furniture Store

Nowadays, people are taking more interior decorating risks than ever before, creating unique, one-of-a-kind layouts in their homes that highlight their creative side. However, figuring out how to blend different types of wood tones can often be a tough obstacle for many, so Furniture Extreme is here to help.

As one of Calgary’s leading furniture stores, we’ve helped hundreds find the perfect wood tones to complement their furniture setup. Here’s what we’ve learned.

  1. Choose a Dominant Wood Tone 

Consistency is key, especially when it comes to matching wood tones. That’s why you should pick a dominant wood tone from the outset. This makes it easier to create a sense of balance while filling the room with other furniture pieces. For those with hardwood floors, this will be the dominant tone; otherwise, pick the color of your biggest piece of furniture.

  1. Match the Undertones 

One great way to make sure your wood tones look fantastic is to match the undertones of the pieces in a particular room. Pay close attention to what side your dominant wood tone is on, the cooler or the warmer, then adjust accordingly.

  1. Use Finish to Create a Continuity 

Matching wood tones is all about creating a subtle sense of continuity between pieces throughout the room, which is why many choose to add a finish to some of their pieces. Doing so is especially useful if you have wood tones that are very distinct and different; the right finish will smooth things out a bit.

  1. Play with Contrast 

Playing with contrast can be a good way to also develop a sense of balance and cohesion between the different pieces in a room. Just be sure you don’t go overboard. Light and dark pieces will often play off each other and enhance the sense of depth in a room.

  1. Use a Rug to Break Things Up 

If you feel there are simply too many wood tones in a room, don’t be afraid to mute them a little bit by installing a rug or tapestry to quiet things down. For those with wood floors the same tone as furniture pieces, a rug will prevent them from blending in too much or appearing washed out.

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