5 Showhome Tips to Wow Your Guests

When it comes to creating a showhome that will really wow your guests, there are a few things to keep in mind, especially where the furniture is concerned. As one of the leading Calgary Ashley Furniture sales experts, the team from Furniture Extreme wanted to offer some insight here into creating the perfect showroom.

Below you’ll find some furniture tips to transform your home and make it truly one-of-a-kind!

  1. Make the Space Your Own

One of the best ways to give neighbors and friends who visit your home something to talk about is personalizing your property and making it your own. This makes your home feel lived in and much more authentic, so don’t be afraid to go wild on some standout Ashley Furniture pieces or add some family heirlooms in the sitting room and bedrooms.

  1. Draw the Eye

Another great way to wow guests when they visit your home is to have a few pieces that truly draw their eye and stand out. Each room should have a focal point. Build around this focal point, adding new furniture and other fixtures and designs inspired by it. Your focal point can be anything, from a breathtaking painting to a pool table.

  1. Go Big

To get the attention of guests and family members, don’t be afraid to go big. This means if you’ve had your eye on a huge tapestry for the living room wall or some oversized furniture to spruce up the sitting room, don’t be afraid to commit to it. One big piece is always much better than a couple of small pieces of artwork and can really make a statement.

  1. Lighting

The lighting in your home plays a huge role in setting the right mood for the household, so it should be a primary consideration. You can install bright overhead lights in areas to make more of a statement, then quieter lighting in more intimate settings such as the bathroom and bedroom.

  1. Texture

When it comes to design aesthetics, keeping the texture of different rooms in mind is a good way to do something different. For example, you can add some more texture to rooms by installing unique wallpaper designs and matching throw pillows, or eye-catching rugs and wall hangings.

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