3 Ways to Accommodate Guests in a Small Home

Making smaller guest rooms welcoming for visitors is challenging. However, you can help your home feel more spacious to guests with a few insightful tips. During their time as one of the leading modern furniture stores in Calgary, the Ashley Furniture experts from Furniture Extreme have learned a few tricks of the trade that they’ve shared below.

Here are three simple ways to make the guest room for your home look larger and ensure your guests are completely comfortable during their visit to your home.

1. Take Advantage of Colours
Adding neutral colors to your guest room is an excellent way to make the room appear more spacious. Using white or a glossy dark brown paint increases the appearance of space in tighter quarters.

2. Separate Space
A divider is an excellent way to separate the guest bedroom and create an additional space or common area. Contacting a local furniture store in Calgary can provide inventive solutions, like screens or other bedroom accessories to separate living spaces. Being creative will help you construct and furnish a truly unique guest bedroom that’s comfortable and cozy.

3. Multi-Use Furniture
Items like futons and daybeds allow homeowners to take advantage of their guest bedroom without any wasted space. Buying this type of modern furniture in Calgary is a great way to outfit your home with multi-use solutions for guests. There is also a multitude of versatile storage accessories available that help you capitalize on space.