Get the Mid-Century Modern Look

Mid-century modern design has been steadily making a comeback in recent years—and for good reason. Pieces from this period were designed with both form and function in mind—to be beautiful while also useful, rearrangeable, and interchangeable. If your living room is looking a little rough around the edges, this sleek, highly practical, no-nonsense approach might be just the update it needs. Use these tips to learn how to make your space a mid-mod dream!


Look for clean lines, simple designs, and furniture without fussy ornamentation.

Contrasting Materials

Combine natural and manmade materials, like solid wood with synthetic fabrics.

Bold Colors

Accessorize with pops of color—use turquoise, red, crisp white, and even black.

Mid-Mod Inspired Furnishings

Check out the tailored Dalia Sofa, or channel a retro vibe with the contrasting materials of our Dalia Accent Chair. Then finish off your mid-mod love affair with the stylish Keyes Coffee Table. These pieces look high end but will cost you less than $2,000.