Choosing a Dining Room Table

Thanksgiving day is right around the corner. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned about entertaining—other than having great food—it’s that it starts with the perfect table. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering, or having a small intimate dinner, your table is the focal point for your dining space and will set the scene for a delicious holiday gathering. Here are three things to consider when selecting a table:

  • The shape of the room. Is your dining space a rectangle? Opt for a rectangular or oval table. For a square-shaped space, we recommend a round or square table.
  • The number of guests. Your average guest list says a lot about the best table shape and size for your space. If you host larger groups, a long, rectangular table is a good choice. For smaller gatherings, round or square can accommodate comfortably.
  • Your style. Select a table based on your personal aesthetic. From traditional to contemporary, Furniture Extreme carries a variety of options—we can help you choose the perfect table for your taste.

There’s nothing worse than a turkey that’s all dressed up with nowhere to go! Let us help you reinvent your dining space in time for Thanksgiving and enjoy a warm holiday gathering in style. Shop our full dining collection